Standardisation & Regulatory Needs

The standardisation and regulatory needs view shows the standards and regulations associated with the ATM Technology Changes required to support the Essential Operational Changes.

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Aggregated ATM Technology Changes Essential Operational Changes
PCP New Essential Operational Changes
Aeronautical information exchange Airport Safety Nets Airspace Management and Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace AMAN extended to En-Route Airspace Automated Assistance to Controller for Surface Movement Planning and Routing Automated Support for Traffic Complexity Assessment Collaborative NOP Common infrastructure components Cooperative network information exchange CTOT to TTA for ATFCM DMAN integrating Surface Management Constraints DMAN synchronised with Predeparture sequencing Enhanced Short Term ATFCM Measures Enhanced Terminal Airspace using RNP-Based Operations Flight information exchange Free Route Initial trajectory information sharing (i4D) Meteorological information exchange SWIM Technical Infrastructure and Profiles Time-Based Separation for Final Approach Advanced RNP AMAN/DMAN integration including multiple airports CNS Rationalisation Collaborative Airport Information Sharing & Business Trajectory Integrated Surface Management Integrated Surface Management DL LVP using GBAS Mission Trajectory Sector Team Operations Trajectory Based Tools User-Driven Prioritisation Process (UDPP)
ADS-B OUT Capability
Aeronautical / Meteorological Information Data Sharing
Airport ATC Tools
Airport Planning Support
Airport Vehicle Systems
Airspace Management System
Complexity Management tools
Datalink Systems & Services
Demand and Capacity Balancing
Enhanced CWP
Enhanced Conflict Management Tool
Enhanced FOC/WOC Systems
FMS Capability to support Mission Trajectory
FMS Capability to support i4D operations
FMS Upgrade for Advanced RNP
Flight Object implementation and enhanced FDP
Flight Planning and Demand data
Ground Communications & Information Infrastructure
Initial GBAS Cat II/III using GPS L1
Manual / D-TAXI
Navigation Infrastructure
On-board Situational Awareness and Alerts on the ground
Safety Net Tools
Surface Management
Surveillance Infrastructure
Key: Standards Regulatory material (incl CS/AMC) Both
New Essential Operational Changes New Essential Operational Changes New Essential Operational Changes