ICAO Blocks

The mapping between SESAR Operational Changes and the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades 1 and 2 is shown below. Links to the PCP Essential Operational Changes are highlighted in green. New Essential Operational Changes are highlighted in blue, with other Operational Changes are shown in white.

Block 1 or Block 2 can be selected by clicking on the respective tab. Details of any Operational Change on the right side can be viewed by clicking the relevant Operational Change in the diagram.

  ICAO Modules   SESAR Operational Changes
Block 1
B1-APTA Optimised Airport Accessibility
B1-WAKE Increased Runway Throughput through Dynamic Wake Turbulence Separation
B1-SURF Enhanced Safety and Efficiency of Surface Operations - SURF, SURF-IA and Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS)
B1-ACDM Optimized Airport Operations through A-CDM Total Airport Management
B1-RATS Remotely Operated Aerodrome Control
B1-RSEQ Improved Airport operations through Departure, Surface and Arrival Management
B1-FICE Increased Interoperability, Efficiency and Capacity though FF-ICE, STEP 1 application before departure
B1-DATM Service Improvement through Integration of all Digital ATM Information
B1-SWIM Performance Improvement through the application of System Wide Information Management (SWIM)
B1-FRTO Improved Operations through Optimized ATS Routing
B1-NOPS Enhanced Flow Performance through Network Operational Planning
B1-ASEP Increased Capacity and Flexibility through Interval Management
B1-AMET Enhanced Operational Decisions through Integrated Meteorological Information (Planning and Near-term Service)
B1-SNET Ground-based Safety Nets on Approach
B1-CDO Improved Flexibility and Efficiency in Descent Profiles (CDOs) using VNAV
Under R & D
B1-TBO Improved Traffic Synchronisation and Initial Trajectory-Based Operation.
B1-RPAS Initial Integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) into Non-Segregated Airspace
Under R & D