Overall Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Progress

The figure below depicts the Level 3 implementation progress for 2016. A detailed analysis of each objective is provided in the Implementation Objectives (Monitoring) section.

Essip impl progress

This 2016 Level 3 Report is based on the Master Plan Level 3 2016 Implementation Plan that included 44 implementation objectives. Four (4) out of 44 objectives are so called "initial" implementation objectives that were not monitored at local level in 2016, due to the fact that they are not yet activated.

Overall, the implementation progress of Master Plan Level 3 objectives at ECAC level has been satisfactory in 2016.

Around 40% of implementation objectives progress on-time, planning the full achievement within prescribed dates. Few objectives are assessed with some risks of delay, but corrective measures can still be taken to de-risk this implementation. There are around 35% of Level 3 implementation objectives that are either already beyond the initially planned completion dates, or are planned to be delayed. These need to be closely followed by appropriate authorities and clear mitigation measures need to be put in place. This is particularly important for the items that are identified as important pre-requisites or enablers for (P)CP (without prejudice to SDM role). Without the pre-requisites deployed, there is a risk that major SESAR functionalities will be delayed for implementation (e.g. datalink delay impact on i4D implementation). All these risks feed into the risk chapter of the Master Plan Level 3 2017 Implementation Plan and will subsequently be followed at local level through the LSSIP documents. 23% of implementation objectives are new, first time monitored, with Final Operational Capability (FOC) date far in the future. These were not assessed in 2016, awaiting for more reliable data for the assessment.