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REG-0007 — AMC for ASPA S&M

Certification material should be based on the performance and safety requirements under standardisation in the following working groups :
- EUROCAE/RTCA WG-51/SC-186: are developing a MOPS (ED-XXX/DO-XXX) and an updated SPR and Interop standard (ED-195A/DO-328A) for Airborne Spacing;
- Flight Deck Interval Management (ASPA FIM, Version 1) (ED-195A/DO-328A). Expect Final Review and Comment June 2014.
- The SESAR ASPA-S&M function as defined and validated so far can be considered as a subset of the ASPA FIM (Airborne Spacing Flight deck Interval Management) operational capability with automated guidance that goes beyond the minimum capability required. SESAR 9.5 project will conduct complementary validation work.
- MOPS includes the CDTI requirements and requirements for navigation information from the FMS or other sources
- The MOPS document provides both for integrated (forward fit) and retrofit requirements.
- Automated guidance and CPDLC are not minimum equipment requirements in the MOPS but are not precluded from implementation.
- The updated SPR and Interop standard and MOPS assume ADS-B Out complies with ED102/DO260B requirements (i.e. European mandate) or require an alternate means of compliance for Version 0 and Version 1 implementations such as crosscheck with TCAS range, bearing and altitude.
- Need to determine if the MOPS can be used to cover a TCAS eTSO specifically given that the ASSAP requirements could be implemented in both a TCAS and FMS.
Note: The FIM MOPS will be published separately from the MOPS for other ADS-B In applications (ED-XXX/DO-317B).
- EUROCAE/RTCA WG-78/SC-214: developing requirements for CPDLC messages in support of ASPA and FIM Version 1 as part of SPR and Interop standards for advanced ATS datalink communications (ED-xx/DO-yy).
- The integrity requirements to be allocated to the datalink systems to support the CPDLC messages in support of ASPA FIM are expected to be at least ED12B/DO178B based Design Assurance Level C (DAL C) and within ground systems at least ED109/DO278 based Assurance Level 4 (AL4) or the equivalent EUROCONTROL/ SWAL4, respectively
Note: The CPDLC messages in support of ASPA FIM are not a minimum requirement for FIM Version 1 MOPS. They are expected to be a minimum requirement for FIM, Version 2, for which an SPR and Interop Standard and MOPS are expected in 2016

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