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Common Services

A service providing a capability in the same form to consumers that might otherwise have been undertaken by themselves.

The provision of Air Traffic Management in Europe is highly fragmented with many different organisations operating in the region. It is thus a general principle within the Single European Sky and the SESAR programme that, where services can be provided in a harmonized way to enable a simpler and more efficient supply, they should be. Therefore, in the context of the European ATM Master Plan and the SESAR programme R&D activities, the high level definition of the future ATM system architecture needs to address the different options of “local”, “non-local”, “regional/FAB” or “centralised” implementation of services and operations. In this context the term “common services” describes those services that are used by several stakeholders and provided on their behalf by one organisation or several in a similar manner. The provision of common services will therefore be examined in the context of local, non-local, regional, FAB and centralised models. Benefit will only be derived if the design of the new services significantly improves the overall performance of ATM or reduces the cost of its provision, driven by scale and competition. These services are not necessarily provided and consumed locally, nor needed at a pan-European level and may only be applicable to a specific region.

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Aerodrome Operations

Information from/to Airport Landside Operations

Airport Situational Awareness Provision

Surface Guidance & Routing


Airspace User Operations

Flight prioritisation

Execute Trajectory


CNS Resource/Asset Management

CNS Infrastructure Performance Management

CNS Integration