The IntegratedDigitalBriefing service allows consumers to request digital AIS and MET data for the pre-flight briefing. The provision of these data shall follow the following prinicples:

group the information per phase of flight: the information will be organized for presentation in the sequential order of the flight execution, including: taxiing at the departure aerodrome, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, landing, taxiing at the destination aerodrome. Exceptional situations such as an emergency return at the departure aerodrome, emergency aerodromes along the route and alternate aerodromes at destination will also be presented separately. The presentation ¿per phase of flight¿ is intended to facilitate the consultation of the information during the flight execution;
organise information by item concerned (runway, gate, etc.). This grouping will be applied equally to aeronautical information and to MET information;
use maps/charts for the presentation of the information, where appropriate;
prioritise information by criticality, based on end user specific criteria. There will be increased possibilities for information tailoring for each specific flight, by prioritization and filtering;
use upper/lower case as appropriate, without being constrained by the ¿all upper case¿ limitation of the NOTAM and MET messages currently delivered through the AFTN network;
integrated presentation of MET and aeronautical data, where appropriate (in particular for the airport information). Elements such as wind direction and intensity, visibility could be easily integrated with the images/tables that present the aeronautical information. For the en-route section, no obvious requirements for an integrated presentation have been identified, the grouping is considered sufficient;
ensure presentation information consistency (e.g. if a navaid appears on multiple charts and it is unserviceable, than it should be displayed as unserviceable on all charts where it appears);
generate ad-hoc briefing packages in-flight, in case of an emergency landing or re-routing to a completely new destination.

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aerodrome ATC Consumer
AIM Provider
Aircraft Consumer
Civil AU Flight Operations Centre (FOC) Consumer
Civil AU Flight Operations Centre (FOC) Provider
En-Route / Approach ATC Consumer
State AU Wing Operations Centre (WOC) Consumer