The Calculated Pre-Departure Sequence Delivery service delivers the TSAT or/and TTOT A-CDM time value of a flight when these values are updated by the Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS). Such a service is required when the PDS is managed by ATC. The service concerns a given airport: the consumer receives the TSAT/TTOT of all flights, one after the other.

The service is of type delivery: The Service Consumer provides a value; and the Service Provider consumes it. No response is expected. The subscription to the service is done outside SWIM.

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aerodrome ATC Consumer
Airport Operations Centre Provider

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-12 - Provision and Consumption of Mission Trajectory exchange services (not using FO)
SWIM-APS-12a - Provision and Consumption of general information for air traffic management using SWIM