The FlightPlanDataDistribution Service supports the service provider (Network Manager) to:
- send a copy of a valid Extended Flight Plan (EFPL) message, Extended Modification (ECHG) message, Extended Delay (EDLA) message to the service consumers concerned by the flight that want to receive extended flight plan messages;
- send to all of other service consumers concerned by the flight only a copy of the ICAO Flight Plan included in the EFPL message or a copy of a ¿simple¿ modification (CHG) message or a copy of a ¿simple¿ delay (DLA) message;
- notify to the service consumers the cancellation of a specified flight plan;
- send a specific Flight Plan (in Extended or ICAO format) following a specific request from a service consumer.

Supported Capabilities

SWIM-based Information Dissemination
Trajectory Information Synchronisation

Supported Activities

Distribute accepted FPL

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aerodrome ATC Provider
ATFCM Consumer
Civil AU Flight Operations Centre (FOC) Provider
En-Route / Approach ATC Provider
State AU Wing Operations Centre (WOC) Provider

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-03a - Provision of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-03b - Provision of ASM-ATFCM Information Services for Step 2
SWIM-APS-04a - Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-04b - Consumption of G/G and initial A/G ASM-ATFCM Information Services on Wide Area communications