The ARESQuery service provides the mean for the WOC, AMC,... to retrieve an ARES using the reservation ID regardless of the Reservation status (reserved, pending, allocated, released¿) Ulterior version of this service might provide more advanced search criteria or filters, if there is an operational need for it. This service is used at the different stages; from the reservation to the execution.

This service is not linked directly to a specific IER but is implicitly required to achieve the IER referenced in the ARES collaborations.

Supported Activities

Define ARES needs

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aerodrome ATC Consumer
ASM Consumer
ASM Provider
ATFCM Consumer
En-Route / Approach ATC Consumer

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-03a - Provision of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-03b - Provision of ASM-ATFCM Information Services for Step 2
SWIM-APS-04a - Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-04b - Consumption of G/G and initial A/G ASM-ATFCM Information Services on Wide Area communications