The service package models the provision of the aircraft flight management system Estimated Time of Arrival to a ground based user. Initially at least the identified ground based user is the arrival manager.

The CONOPS Definition is:
ADS-C ETA min/max report is the ADS-C report containing the earliest and latest values of ETA computed by the aircraft system on the point specified by ATC (e.g. IAF).

A better definition:
The earliest and latest ETA at a waypoint, provided the aircraft flies the 4D trajectory at its max/min allowable speed, wind/temp error is also taken into account, in order to guarantee that any CTA defined within associated ETA min/max interval will be satisfied with high probability.

Supported Activities

Downlink Reliable ETA Min/Max

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aircraft Provider
En-Route / Approach ATC Consumer

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-12 - Provision and Consumption of Mission Trajectory exchange services (not using FO)
SWIM-APS-12a - Provision and Consumption of general information for air traffic management using SWIM