Arrival Managers produce Arrival Information for Flights and Arrival Sequences to be used either by ATCOs displaying the need for delay absorption measures, or by IT systems to base further processing on this Information.
Arrival Management Information in an extended horizon context needs to be provided to upstream ATSUs and regional airports.
The service in addition offers arrival planning information (information related to the airborne trajectory segment of inbound flight). The payloads are strongly influenced by the notion of ¿AOP-NOP integration¿. Specifically, some of the information obtained from ¿Local ATC / AMAN¿ is supposedly orchestrated by the AOP for provisioning to the NOP. Therefore, this servise also covers implicitly the requirements of the NOP for ¿Arrival Planning Information¿ as far as the primary source of this information is ATC.

Supported Activities

Receive AMAN constraint

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

Aerodrome ATC Consumer
Airport Airside Operations Consumer
Airport Operations Centre Consumer
ATFCM Consumer
En-Route / Approach ATC Consumer
En-Route / Approach ATC Provider
Sequence Management Consumer

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-12 - Provision and Consumption of Mission Trajectory exchange services (not using FO)
SWIM-APS-12a - Provision and Consumption of general information for air traffic management using SWIM