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November 2016

The Master Plan Level 3 2016 Implementation Plan (ESSIP Plan - Edition 2016) (hereafter the “Implementation Plan”) has been published! This year’s update of the Implementation Plan was driven by three main objectives:

  • maintaining full alignment with the ATM Master Plan Level 1 Edition 2015,
  • better reflecting the outcomes of SESAR 1,
  • and ensuring alignment of the PCP-related part, in close coordination with the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), to the best possible extent with the Deployment Programme.


The Implementation Plan – Edition 2016 also leverages on the most up to date Level 2 information of the ATM Master Plan (the “Planning & Architecture view”). The new Implementation Objectives and substantial changes to existing ones result from a wide consultation process with all concerned stakeholders, through both the SJU and EUROCONTROL working arrangements. This included the relevant EUROCONTROL Teams, as well as the Agency Advisory Body (AAB) at their March and June sessions.

The document has been ultimately approved by the Provisional Council of EUROCONTROL in September as well as by the Administrative Board of the SJU (subject to EC final position after SSC opinion) on 20th October 2016.

September 2016

The Master Plan Level 3 2015 Implementation Report (ESSIP Report - Edition 2015) has been published! This is an integral part of the Master Plan (MP) Level 3 and consolidates at European level the implementation progress reports produced by individual stakeholders regarding the implementation of commonly agreed actions to be taken by ECAC States, in the context of the implementation of SESAR. This enables the aviation community to identify any gaps between what is needed at the European level, and what can actually be done at the local and regional level to close that gap. The various actions are consolidated in the form of “Implementation Objectives” that set out the operational, technical and institutional improvements that have to be applied to the European ATM network to meet the performance requirements for the key ATM performance areas defined in the MP Level 1 – safety, capacity, operational efficiency, cost efficiency, environment and security. The 2015 MP Level 3 Report has been developed by Task 007 of SESAR Work Package C.02 in close cooperation with the SJU. A new layout and structure (Summary, Strategic view, Deployment view, support Annexes) have been implemented driven by the SESAR key features, designed to better reflect the alignment between all three MP levels. It looks at progress made with the 41 implementation objectives defined in the Master Plan Level 3 2015 Implementation Plan, most of which are directly related to SESAR functionalities, including the PCP components. However, a few implementation objectives are pre-SESAR objectives that are nevertheless important for implementation at network level or interoperability-related objectives. There are also a few implementation objectives related to SES legislation. A new feature this year is a series of success stories from operational stakeholders, which bring to life some of the main achievements in 2015 in implementing certain technical and operational functionalities. The MP Level 3 2015 Implementation Report has been assessed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking, and was sent to the SESAR Administrative Board for information in July.

January 2016

This is new European ATM Portal. This Portal shows the Master Plan information, as agreed through the SJU Administrative Board on 15 December 2015. It provides the views at the three levels of the Master Plan with the possibility to drill down from the Executive Level1 down to the Planning and Implementation Levels.