Deployment Overview

This view shows how the Deployment Packages progress from R&D to implementation at European level through Monitoring of Implementation Objectives.

Operating Environments with similar Performance Needs are classified according to their complexity and for airports also in terms of utilisation.

Deployment Packages comprise Operational Improvement Steps and Enablers selected to provide performance benefits derived from available Validation results (otherwise expert judgement) for Operating/Sub Operating Environments in the European ATM System.

The PCP Elements section presents the ATM Functionalities and sub-ATM Functionalities as described in the Annex to Regulation (EU) No. 716/2014 and their relationship to Level 2 and 3 of the Master Plan.

The Implementation Objectives (Planning) section presents a list of all active implementation objectives including detailed description and Stakeholder Lines of Action (SLoA). It also presents the relationship of the Implementation Objectives to the Level 2 of the Master Plan and PCP Elements.

The Implementation Objectives (Monitoring) section provides a view on the implementation progress of the Implementation Objectives through specific progress reports, maps and statistics.
It also provides an implementation progress view at State level and an aggregated view at FAB level.

The Local Implementation (LSSIP) Map Tool provides detailed views of the implementation progress on a map of all Implementation Objectives and Stakeholder Lines of Action (SLoAs) at the level of State/Airport, Stakeholder and SLOAs.