Sol Solution #46 — SWIM Yellow Profile

To foster interoperability within the future European ATM Network (EATMN) as envisaged by SWIM, the SESAR programme developed a series of documents covering aspects such as concepts, service descriptions, templates, governance and a series of technical resources such as models.
The SWIM Technological solution provides a coherent set of specifications providing essential requirements that are applicable to the standards used in the context of SWIM deployment. These documents are seen as the key elements in steering SWIM enabled systems for ensuring the interoperability;
AIRM; Semantic interoperability
ISRM: 3.1 Organisational interoperability
SWIM TAD, profiles, SWIM TI; SWIM Technical Infrastructure (SWIM TI) and architecture shall enable technical interoperability
The SWIM registry aims at improving the visibility and accessibility of ATM information and services available through SWIM. It enables service providers, consumers, and the swim governance to share a common view on SWIM. The SWIM registry provides consolidated information on services that have been implemented based on SWIM standards. Registry Technical Specification and Registry Concept of Operation documents provides information and requirements required for the implementation of SWIM registry.

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Ois Operational Improvement Steps / Enablers

Code Title IOC FOC Related Elements
  IS-0901-A SWIM for Step1 31-12-2022 31-12-2024

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Esi Implementation Objectives

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INF08.1 Initial SWIM - Yellow TI Profile
INF08.2 Initial SWIM - Blue TI Profile