Ois CM-0200-C — Flight-centred ATC in Non-Geographically-Constrained Medium and High Complexity En-Route environment

In Medium and High complexity environments, depending on local organization and working methods, a flight-centred method of ATC could be applied. ATM operations in Step 3 are performance-driven and different service providers will decide of application of this method in different environments, according to their operational needs and business model.
In Step 3, full application of Free Routing, Dynamic Airspace Management and high level of sophistication and integration of the ground support tools are required. Under these conditions, distribution of workload among the ATCOs in a designated airspace (e.g. Sector Family as defined in 4.2 S2 DOD), and even at the Network level, becomes less dependent on geographical and structured airspace kind of constraints On the other hand, performance-oriented ATM implies the need for optimum use of the ATCO workforce at any time. This could be achieved via application of this method and distribution of trajectories/ flights to individual controllers with permanent system effort to maintain their workload at optimum level, in medium as well as in high-complexity En-Route environments.

This method provides for performance-based ATM operations enabling optimal deployment of the airspace and human resources at the level of Sector Families .
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Has predecessor CM-0200-B Flight-centred ATC in Non-Geographically-Constrained, Low complexity En-Route environment

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