Ena REG-0102 — Means of Compliance for DLS II

EASA RMT.0524&RMT.0626, Data link operations, Introduction of provisions for extended Data link operations to include requirements for safety critical message use, D-TAXI, DCL, PM CPDLC, D-ATIS, and CPDLC, ADS-C outside VHF data link coverage, and/or update of the ETSI Community Specifications.

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Ena Dependent Enablers

Relationship Code Title Related Elements
Enabling A/C-31a Controller pilot data link communication (CPDLC) compliant with ATN baseline 2 (FANS 3/C)
Enabling A/C-37a Downlink of trajectory data according to contract terms (ADS-C) compliant to ATN baseline 2 (FANS 3/C)
Enabling AERODROME-ATC-02a Surface movement management tools updated to provide the D-TAXI information to the pilot in Step 1
Enabling AERODROME-ATC-35 Surface movement management services enhanced to process the runway exit proposal to be uplinked to the aircraft
Enabling AERODROME-ATC-45 Communication DataLink supporting trajectory management and other flight information during approach, landing, and taxi and departure.
Enabling AERODROME-ATC-63 Handle enhanced braking information coordinated between Ground ATC and Pilot via data link
Enabling APP ATC 144 TMA Controllers are able to issue instructions to the pilot via CPDLC messages to maintain time-based spacing against other identified aircraft
Enabling CTE-C02c A/G Datalink over ATN/OSI - Multi frequency
Enabling CTE-C02e New A/G datalink using ATN/IPS over L-band
Enabling ER APP ATC 119 Enhance Air/Ground Data Communication for Step 1
Enabling ER APP ATC 149b Air-Ground Datalink Exchange to Support i4D - ETA min/max
Enabling ER APP ATC 149c Air-Ground Datalink Exchange to Support i4D - Controlled Time of Arrival/Overflight (CTA/CTO)
Enabling REG-0100 Regulatory Provisions for Datalink Extension (DLS II)

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